Fayette County Denies Indian Head Dollar General

The Fayette County Zoning Hearing Board has recently denied the building of a new Dollar General store in Indian Head.

The Board denied a Special Exception for a retail business at 2022 Indian Head Road, as the proposed store would be larger than the area permitted for a business in that location. (The store would have been a “supersized” Dollar General Market, with a footprint of 12,480 square feet.) The petitioner required variances for the placement of the structure and the adjacent parking lot, which previously housed Resh’s General Store.

A number of people appeared to object to the project, including several neighbors who were concerned about their properties being landlocked and the size of the project/proposed building.

Representatives from the Mountain Watershed Association also made objections, indicating that the proposed project would impede the enjoyment of the use of the neighboring Indian Creek Valley Trail and stream. Additionally, the location would cause added run-off and sediment into the stream.

All objectors agreed that the project would change the make-up of the existing neighborhood, which is primarily residential.

The Board finds that the Petitioner could not meet its burden of proof for the requested Special Exception and that this project, as proposed, will adversely impact the health, safety, and welfare of the residents of the surrounding and adjoining areas.