EPA Issues Consent Order to MAX Environmental

On Friday, April 19, 2024, the Environmental Protection Agency filed a Consent Order on MAX Environmental Technologies, Inc., allowing its Yukon facility to continue operations in a limited capacity. 

This landfill stands out as the only facility in Pennsylvania that is permitted to treat and dispose of hazardous waste from commercial and industrial sources. However, it has a long history of violations and is in serious disrepair, according to EPA’s March 2023 NEIC Civil Investigation and December 2023 Notice of Violations. 

Violations highlight MAX’s long list of failures to do the following:

Properly Monitor Facility – Operate and Maintain Facility – Provide Training to Staff – Meet Hazardous Waste Treatment Standards – Maintain and Repair Containment Building – Prevent Precipitation Falling Onto Hazardous Waste – Inspect And Maintain Leachate Collection System – Conduct Daily Inspections – Keep Containers of Hazardous Waste Closed – Maintain and Operate in Accordance with Permits – Follow Proper Sampling Procedures – Minimize Hazardous Waste Release

Along with restricted operations, the order includes an expert evaluation of its current operations, increased oversight by the EPA and DEP, and a requirement for MAX to make improvements to the facility. 

After learning about the order, the Yukon community reeled, seeing the action as a major oversight in protecting the community and the environment. 

“The legacy of issues at MAX Environmental are a forever stain on the Yukon area,” says Stacey Magda, managing community organizer at Mountain Watershed Association.  “When EPA conducted their past due investigation, they noted 50 pages of ongoing issues at the facility. This should have been an opportunity for our regulators to get it right for the first time in the history of this facility, by permanently shutting the site down.”

MAX Environmental was established over five decades ago, then owned as Mill Service. The landfill in Yukon opened in 1963. 

MWA held a press conference in Yukon near the landfill, where residents expressed their concerns and frustrations with the EPA order.

MWA hosts monthly meetings in Yukon. To stay up to date with any developments regarding the order and MAX Environmental, please join MWA’s mailing list


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