Swimmable Waters- 2019 Swim Season

May 1 brings the start of the 2019 Swim Season and that brings back our Swimmable Waters program.

During the swim season, May 1 – September 30, MWA samples 14 different locations in the Yough watershed on a weekly basis. These locations are popular swimming and/or contact recreation sites. Through this program, the samples are tested for E. Coli, one of the main bacteria that causes food or waterborne illness. The samples are processed in our in-house laboratory, incubated from 18-22 hours, and then the results are read and recorded on our Swimmable Waters page and also posted on theswimguide.org. New results are posted every Friday.

The Swim Guide displays not only MWA’s sampling results, but it also displays water sampling data from around the world. It is a great tool to know where it is safe to swim no matter where you are! You can also subscribe to email or text alerts to stay up-to-date with the latest data posting. Click here to subscribe to email or text alerts or text YoughSwimmableWaters to 84483.

As always, swim at your own risk. Please remember that swimming in rivers has inherent dangers which can be minimized but not eliminated through the use of caution and good sense. We assume no responsibility for illness, injury or death resulting from any information contained herein.  Swim at your own risk.

A mobile view of the Swim Guide.

Reading the E. Coli samples.