Public Meeting Held for the Indian Creek River Conservation Plan Update

A lot of great feedback was given during the Public Information Gathering Session for the Indian Creek River Conservation Plan update. Community members joined together on Thursday, March 28 to share their visions for the future of the Indian Creek watershed. During this public forum, folks were able to share their opinions, knowledge, and ideas in the plan’s five focus areas; Cultural Resources, Biological Resources, Land Resources, Water Resources, and Project Area Characteristics.

These five focus areas will serve as the foundation to the new update of the Indian Creek River Conservation Plan. Each individual area will be evaluated and given suggestions of projects that would make the watershed a better place. Each area can be broken down into segments of interest;

  • Cultural Resources
    • Local history, historical sites, recreational opportunities, etc.
  • Biological Resources
    • Important bird areas, important wildlife areas, biologically diverse areas, species of concern, invasive species, etc.
  • Land Resources
    • Land uses, soils, geology, development, mines, quarries, agriculture, etc.
  • Water Resources
    • Water quality and quantity, impaired streams, mine drainage, sedimentation, tributaries, etc.
  • Project Area Characteristics
    • Size, location, infrastructure, transportation, population, economics, education, etc.

Throughout the coming months, the steering committee will evaluate the feedback given during this meeting, the public and municipal surveys, and individuals interviews to propose future projects and goals for the area.

Many folks were surprised to learn about all the extensive amount of information that is present in a river conservation plan. Not only does this plan cover environmental aspects of the community, it also discusses things such as improving infrastructure, developing economic growth for the region, as well as identifying needs for the community in general.

If you were unable to attend this meeting, we are still welcoming new ideas and input you may have. Please feel free to reach out to Carla with any input or questions at or 724-455-4200 x 3#.


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