Roadside Springs Sampling


Springs are a natural source of fresh, cold, flowing water that have undoubtedly attracted humans to them for millennia. Entire communities have been formed around springs, and many homes built before the 20th century were purposely built near springs.

MWA takes samples at various publicly accessible springs in and around the Youghiogheny River watershed each quarter to assess if they are up to drinking water standards. These springs are assumed to be potable (safe to drink) by the communities around them, but most, if not all, have no easily accessible record of their water quality to make that decision.

Please read the results and descriptions of the parameters before drinking. Keep in mind that our testing shows a snapshot of water conditions on the day we took the samples. Water quality is constantly changing, so use your best judgement!

We will continue to update this page as we do quarterly water sampling at these Roadside Spring locations. If you have any questions, please email or call 724-455-4200 ext. 5#.

Quarterly Roadside Springs Report

Click on any of the springs below to see details and past results!

🟢 = safe  | 🔴 = do not drink

Results as of 12/11/23

Summit Spring: 🟢

Ore Mines Drill: 🔴

Blue Hole: 🟢

Beck Springs: 🔴

Pressley Ridge/Lytel Road: 🔴

Washington's Spring: 🟢

Bando Road: 🔴


We no longer sample these springs:

  • Red Dog Road (consistently high E. Coli levels)
  • Neals Run (now on private property)

The Springs We Sample

Ore Mines Drill

There is a stone pillar with a pipe and parking area by the intersection of Park Road on Ore Mine Hill Road.

GPS Coordinates:

40.094700, -79.514497

Detailed Results

Beck Springs

Beck Springs consists of 2 large pipes by the bridge over Jones Mill Run on Jones Mill Run Road. It flows heavily year round.

GPS Coordinates:

40.050241, -79.263893

Detailed Results

Bando Road

This is a small spring flowing on the surface that is directed into a pipe on Bando Road. It’s the pipe on the left.

GPS Coordinates:

39.950966, -79.104834

Detailed Results

Blue Hole

Blue Hole Spring flows from the streambank into Blue Hole Creek. It’s just downstream from the kiosk and swimming hole on Blue Hole Road.

GPS Coordinates:

39.972525, -79.298164

Detailed Results


There is a watering trough at the summit on Route 40.

GPS Coordinates:

39.859723, -79.662013

Detailed Results

Presley Ridge/Lytle Road

This spring is located on Lytle Road, close to Sugarloaf Road in Ohiopyle. It flows from a blue pipe into Laurel Run.

GPS Coordinates: 39.828191, -79.477607

Detailed Results

Washington's Spring

This spring lies in the direct path of what was known as Nemacolin’s Trail (currently Jumonville Road). 

GPS Coordinates: 39.8604450, -79.6441787

Detailed Results