River Conservation Plans

A River Conservation Plan is a comprehensive document detailing all the characteristics of a watershed, providing a holistic approach to preservation and protection. The document overviews all the existing studies for the region and will include a list of recommendations, that when implemented, will improve conditions within the watershed. Mountain Watershed Association completed the Youghiogheny River Conservation Plan, Part 1: Headwaters to Dunbar Creek in 2023.

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Benefits of a river conservation plan

Having a River Conservation plan provides a prioritized plan of action for improving our watershed community. The plan will compile all the information known about the Indian Creek watershed in one β€œgo-to” document. Once the plan has been completed and is recognized on the Pennsylvania River’s Registry, funding opportunities are available for projects identified within the plan.

Screenshot 2022-08-18 at 16-04-44 Indian-Creek-River-Conservation-Plan-2021.pdf
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What's in a river conservation plan?

Plans are broken down into resource chapters and a list of recommended projects. The resource chapters typically include Project Area Characteristics, Land Resources, Water Resources, Biological Resources and Cultural Resources.

Completed Plans & Resources