Lindsey Waugaman

Education & Outreach Coordinator

Hey everyone! 

I’m Lindsey! I grew up in western Maryland and spent every weekend of my childhood in the Laurel Highlands, playing in the lakes, creeks, forests, and snowy mountains with my cousins and sister. I loved being let loose on nature by our parents and grandparents, they taught us to respect nature and playing with my cousins and sister taught me to love nature. We grew up skiing together in Hidden Valley and Seven Springs. 

I’ve been working in environmental education for most of my career in various non-profit and government positions. I love seeing the wonder on people’s faces as they experience something new in their world. I am so excited to work with Mountain Watershed to share my adoration of the natural world with everyone! The more people who love nature, the more people will want to help us protect it! 

Me and my pup, Iris, are always exploring, often with a tennis ball in her mouth. We love to hike and swim together in the area, I’d love some recommendations of your favorite places! 


See you in the watershed!