Help Us Complete the Indian Creek Valley Trail

Donate to support our projects to develop and maintain the Indian Creek Valley Trail. If you enjoy the trail, why not help us complete it?


The Indian Creek Valley Trail is a walking and biking trail being constructed on the former railway of the Indian Creek Valley Railroad. It is located in the Indian Creek Valley nestled between Laurel Hill and Chestnut Ridge in Pennsylvania’s Laurel Highlands region.

In 2019, MWA completed the ICV Gorge portion, a 4-mile walk past the Indian Creek reservoir and through a heavily forested, steep-sided gorge that ends where Indian Creek pours into the Yough.


Our next trail completion project lies north of Route 381, and will be accessible from the Gorge parking area. That project is the Steyer Bridge, a 140-foot long railroad bridge across Indian Creek, and the trail that takes you to it. This project started in the summer of 2020.

In addition to adding decking and railing to the Steyer Bridge, the trail itself needs a gravel surface, has several areas that require drainage and regrading, and has a temporary round culvert crossing over an unnamed tributary to Indian Creek that needs completely removed and replaced since it’s restricting stream flow causing upstream erosion of the banks. Instead of the current 2 round culverts that the crossing consists of, it will be replaced by a permanent, flat-bottomed “D” shaped culvert that will open up the streambed of the unnamed tributary, once again allowing free flow of water and ample fish passage.


Steyer Bridge Decking/Railing

  • 140 ft. railroad bridge needs new decking and safety railings


Improved Trail Surface

  • Needs drainage, regrading, and new gravel surface for 6/10th of a mile from Rt. 381 to the steyer bridge


Fundraising Goal for Steyer Bridge