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The Indian Creek Valley Trail is a walking and biking trail being constructed on the former railway of the Indian Creek Valley Railroad. It is located in the Indian Creek Valley nestled between Laurel Hill and Chestnut Ridge in Pennsylvania’s Laurel Highlands region.

In 2019, MWA completed the ICV Gorge portion, a 4-mile walk past the Indian Creek reservoir and through a heavily forested, steep-sided gorge that ends where Indian Creek pours into the Yough.


In July of 2021, the Indian Creek Valley Trail experienced a storm event which caused a portion of the “gorge” section of trail to wash away. The gorge wash out is a safety concern due to the steep drop off exposed by the storm and the trail is currently taped off around these hazards.

Mountain Watershed Association (MWA) has been in contact with local engineers to explore what MWA’s options are for fixing the wash out. It has been concluded that the estimated cost of repairs and engineering will total $160,000.