Learn about how we actively monitor and restore water quality in the Indian Creek and greater Youghiogheny River Watershed

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What’s Happening with Hellbenders?

June 19, 2020

The Eastern Hellbender (Cryptobranchus alleganiensis) The Eastern Hellbender is the largest North American salamander and happens to be the Pennsylvania State Amphibian.  The Hellbender is directly related to species that…

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Passive Treatment—Active Maintenance: When Mine Drainage Treatment Systems Need Fixed

April 23, 2020

If you saw this along the Indian Creek Valley Trail during the first couple months of 2020, you may have thought something was awry. You would have been correct. That…

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That Familiar Stream-side Tune

April 7, 2020

I thought I heard a song I’ve just been dying to hear lately. It was getting a little chilly outside as the sun sets on the tree line but that’s…

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