Jordan Mine Submits Notice of Intent to Explore in Saltlick Township

A Notice of Intent to Explore (NOE) was submitted for the Jordan Mine to the PA Department of Environmental Protection.  This notice means that a company has targeted an area in Saltlick Township, Fayette County, PA for investigation to see if there is enough coal in the outlined area.  

This new Intent to Explore includes two properties in Fayette County.  The boundary surrounds 110 acres near the intersection of Imel Rd. and Poplar Run Rd., just off of ICV Rd. / Rt. 711 / Rt. 381.  See the attached map to see the location of the proposed NOE.  Each of the yellow dots indicate a proposed borehole location where test bore holes will be drilled in order to assess the quality of the coal.  Water quality monitoring may be taking place by an environmental consulting firm.  We recommend allowing the data to be collected.  This does not mean that you are in support of the mine.  The results will be useful for tracking impacts and could help establish legal protections for you if the mine is constructed.  

Poplar Run is considered an Impaired Waterway by the PA Dept. of Environmental Protection.  Additional impacts from coal mining should not be allowed to a stream already impaired by abandoned mine discharges.  

Mining is not new to the Indian Creek Valley.  Many of the tributaries in the Indian Creek Watershed have been devastated due to historical and ongoing underground or strip mining.  Mountain Watershed Association has worked to remediate and restore these streams for the past 25 years.  Currently, reproducing trout populations exist in Indian Creek, just downstream from this proposed coal mine operation.  A new strip mine would not only be disastrous for downstream waterways, but has the potential to negatively affect property values, drinking water resources, and structural integrity of nearby homes and buildings.  

The proposed strip mine is still in its exploratory phase – there is still a long road ahead before this mine can be permitted. Any strip mine will need to be approved by the both Fayette County Zoning Hearing board and the Department of Environmental Protection, and the public will have the opportunity to make comments as this proposal moves forward. Mountain Watershed Association will be tracking the progress of this proposed strip mine and engaging nearby residents who are concerned about its development.

If you have any questions or would like to stay informed about this issue, please contact someone at Mountain Watershed Association. We actively work to protect, restore, and preserve the Indian Creek and greater Youghiogheny River Watersheds. Our staff is regularly available to speak to residents about your property rights, leasing concerns, or what this Notice of Intent to Explore means for you. Feel free to reach out: 724-455-4200×6#,