Donate to Complete the Gorge Section of the Indian Creek Valley Trail

The Indian Creek Valley Trail gorge section extends 4.3 miles from Camp Christian to the confluence of Indian Creek and the Youghiogheny River.  Once we reach that point our goal will be to cross the Yough and connect with the Great Allegheny Passage.  According to the Western PA Conservancy’s Natural Heritage Inventory, this area is one of exceptional, unique natural diversity.

This project began over three years ago with the Mountain Watershed Association’s desire to clean up and regrade the section of the Indian Creek trail that extends through the Indian Creek gorge.  We raised some funds and purchased pipe.  We then raised more funds from the National Road Heritage Commission, Redevelopment Authority of Fayette County and the Department of Community and Economic Development.  The Georgia Hernandez Memorial Fund also provides additional funds.

Trails have a positive economic impact on small businesses in their communities.  Their presence provides recreational opportunities for local residents as well as tourists.

This trail is used by bikers, hikers, birdwatchers, arborists, and cross-country skiers.  When it is completed, you will be able to jog it or walk your baby stroller along it.

We needed $300,000 to repair and complete the gorge trail.  We have $175,000.  Damage to the trail has gone from rough to needing significant major repair. See a full report and photos here.

Your donation will be greatly appreciated by everyone who uses the trail and by the community who benefits from it. They are tax deductible. Donations will be acknowledged by letter.  All gifts over $500 will be recognized on a bronze plaque at the beginning of the gorge trail.

Donations of $25,000 or more will have a section of the trail named after the donor or a loved one.  This will be acknowledged by a bronze plaque at that section.

If $100,000 is donated, the gorge trail will be named after the donor or a designated loved one.

So we would not lose the existing grant money we had, we bid out the project, awarded it, and have started to whip the trail into shape.  The contractor understands that we only have so much funding and is willing to work with us to do as much as we can with the money we have.

Please give generously! Make your online, tax deductible donation here.

Your participation is vital to complete this truly unique trail project.  If you have questions or want to discuss the project further, please contact Bev at 724 455-4200 x1#.


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