Education and Outreach: A Part of MWA’s Mission

As a part of MWA’s mission, we provide free, educational outreach programs to the community by visiting classrooms, scout groups, civic groups, and other organizations. We provide information about the issues surrounding clean water but also provide the tools needed for folks to help protect and preserve water in their community and downstream. We offer a variety of informational programs that include hands-on learning, classroom activities as well as outdoor activities such as, water quality monitoring including biological (macroinvertebrate), chemical, and physical aspects, “Enviroscape” demonstration to educate on point source and non-point source water pollution, wetlands and watersheds overview activities, abandoned mine drainage (AMD) treatment system tours, plant identification, and other related topics of your interest.

Recently, MWA visited several classrooms in the area talking with students about the water cycle, watersheds, and the macroinvertebrates that live there. Trinity Lutheran Church in Somerset invited us to visit their pre-school class as well as their after school program. Our Education and Outreach Coordinator, Jena Shaffer, was able to provide enrichment activities to parallel their recent study of the water cycle.  By using the Enviroscape she demonstrated the movement of water and taught the students about ground water, a new concept to them. Below, you can see Jena explaining the Enviroscape. Photo Credit: Linda McElroy Thomas

The Donegal Elementary School also asked us to provide enrichment activities to their 5th and 6th grade classrooms. The Enviroscape was used there to demonstrate what a watershed is. The 6th grade, being more advanced, was able to study the macroinvertebrates of a fresh water stream. This information was reinforced by playing a macroinvertebrate matching activity using identification charts.

The programs that MWA provides can be tailored to meet your classroom or organization’s needs. We are passionate about our outreach program because informing the community is a crucial step in protecting our waterways. For more information or to schedule a program, please contact Jena at or 724-455-4200 ext 4#.