Dakota Access Pipeline Action & Divestment

Back in September, we discussed the connection between Sunoco’s proposed Mariner East II pipeline and the vigorously contested Dakota Access Pipeline. Both pipelines are owned by Energy Transfer, and if built, both would be operated by Sunoco Logistics. Although the battle raging in the Dakotas may feel far away, we share a common struggle.

December has been declared a Global Month of Action in support and solidarity with the water protectors at Standing Rock. We are lending our voices to this effort.

Part of this campaign revolves around the push for banks, corporations, and retirement funds to be divested away from holdings in Energy Transfer. A number of banks have been identified as lenders of $2.5 billion for the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline, including TD Bank, Citi Bank, and Wells Fargo.  If you currently have accounts with these financial institutions, consider moving your funds to another bank as a show of direct action against the facilitators of industry encroachment on sacred lands resulting in threats to local water supplies.

Here in Pennsylvania, there has been a push by concerned educators — both active and retired — to urge the administrators of the state’s employee retirement fund to divest from Energy Transfer, one of the 29 fossil fuel companies found in their portfolio. A petition has been circulating online, gathering signatures from educators in advance of the next PSERS meeting on December 7th. If you, or anyone you know, is/are a current or retired teacher, we urge you to pass the petition along and help in this effort.

Over the next few weeks, we will continue discussing ways in which we can help stand in solidarity with the Dakota water protectors currently braving both adverse weather conditions as well as poor treatment from local police and government officials. Keep an eye on our blog for further updates.