Invenergy Hearing Concludes, Comments Accepted through 4/30

Approximately 200 people attended the zoning hearing in Elizabeth Township on Wednesday regarding Invenergy’s proposed natural gas-fired power plant on the banks of the Yough River. This was the third meeting on the issue and despite the long, two-month process, we were encouraged by the community turnout.

Although the board had stated at a previous meeting that all concerned parties would be allowed to give public comment, the floor was restricted to Elizabeth Township residents, as well as citizens residing within a five-mile radius of the township. Of the 26 citizens who commented, 23 were opposed to Invenergy’s request for a use variance to conduct a heavily-industrialized activity in an area which is zoned for residential use.

Comments touched on many issues of concern – appeals to the health and welfare of children and the elderly, decreased property values, air, water and noise pollution, and the prospect of future generations left to deal with the adverse effects.

Tim Joyce, Chief of Staff to Senator Jim Brewster reported that the Senator’s office had received an outpouring of emails and calls from concerned citizens, and although the Senator is pro-development, he is taking a stand against Invenergy’s request for a use variance. “The Senator has 265,000 bosses in his district.” “We’re here to help,” Joyce said.

Even though no formal announcement was made by the board at the conclusion of the hearing, according to the PA Municipalities Planning Code, the board has 45 days to submit a written decision regarding Invenergy’s request. Written comments will still be accepted by the zoning hearing board up until April 30th. If any citizens have not yet submitted comments and would like to have your concerns added to the public record, please consider submitting them to the address listed below:

Zoning Hearing Board
522 Rock Run Rd.
Elizabeth, PA 15037

If you would like assistance preparing your comments feel free to contact our community organizers at and