Compressor Station Expansion in North Union, Fayette County

At the beginning of January a notice in the Pennsylvania Bulletin described a potential expansion of the Uniontown Compressor Station in North Union, Fayette County.  This expansion would make the facility a major source of air pollution.  Under Department of Environmental Protection regulations, major sources are subject to public comment.  Residents wishing to make a comment on a proposed facility have 30 days from issuance of notice in the PA Bulletin to submit their remarks.

As advocates of a democratic process and transparency, the Mountain Watershed Association in conjunction with Fayette Marcellus Watch sought to hold a public meeting in North Union.  When our community organizer reached out to the North Union supervisors to involve them in the process she was met with fierce resistance and denial of access to a public meeting space.  One member of the Board of Supervisors accused us of attempting to present one-sided information, and that the comment period and proposed expansion were inaccurate, despite our community organizer’s repeated offers to send a copy of the PA Bulletin with the notice.   It was made evident through communications with this supervisor that he was in communication with representatives of Texas Eastern who advised him the information MWA was providing was inaccurate and that instead they were working on a pipeline that would not be constructed until next year.  When our community organizer again assured him that there was a current open comment period for the expansion of the Uniontown Compressor Station the supervisor stated he did not want his constituents up in arms, once again refused to allow a public information meeting to be held in the community recreation center, and hung up the phone.

While the North Union supervisors are unwilling to provide space for their constituents to have access to factual information about a proposal that will affect them, Mountain Watershed Association and Fayette Marcellus Watch are still holding a public meeting for residents.  The meeting will take place on January 20, 2014 from 7-8:30pm in the East End United Community Center located at 150 Coolspring St. Uniontown, Pa.

Additionally, MWA and Fayette Marcellus Watch will share information on the Uniontown Compressor Station and proposed expansion on WMBS590 from 1:15-2:45pm this Friday, January 17th.  To live stream the broadcast visit  To call in to the show and comment dial 724-438-4593.

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